BLOT -The proper way to end a finger prick

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BLOT -The proper way to end a finger prick

You save: $-17.99 USD (100%)
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  • Do you lick your blood after a finger prick?   Massive yuck factor.

  • Do you swipe the blood on random or unclean places and justify this behavior even thought its super risky especially now with COVID?

  • Do you carry around a bloody polka dotted tissue that screams GROSS? 

  • Let's be civilized and acknowledge, You were forced to do this! There is a lack of convenient alternatives that fit your lifestyle because you are a warrior and diabetes is just a small part of all that you are.  SAFE, Quick and convenient... That's BLOT.

After testing, you put your fingers blood on the white squishy dot and rotate to a new clean spot! Rotates smoothly around, for a minimum of 12 collections on replaceable standard cotton pad below. Easily snaps together top and bottom with magnets. Royal Blue or Light Blue colors. Comes with one regular cotton beauty round inside.

sizing: only 3" x 1/4"


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I love my BLOT!

I must confess... I love my BLOT , I don't know what I did without it.

Sophia V.
Back Pack

I Love the look, feel, color and all the compartments that hold my daily needs securely

Lisa M
love that everything fits!

I have to tell you the tackle box is just the best, I love that everything fits! even the meter stuff right up top and you can see it,  it gave me security that everything I needed is in there as I was just coming home from the hospital with my now diabetic child and so much to learn, Thank You.

Maria B.
I sent this to my nephew

I sent this to my nephew who is T1D and He loves it! the family was shocked because he's very messy but he has used it consistently since day1

Chad L.
I actually love it a lot

I like that when it’s in my bag it’s easy to find and it’s super cute. I think it’s a really interesting way to hold all my supplies rather than just a boring bag.


Customer Reviews

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Love it!

We are only 2 months into our T1D journey but anything that gets my daughter excited about all of her new changes is gold to me. She loves her BLOT!


I absolutely love my blot. It works well and stready. It never comes apart. I am thinking of ordering s few more. They are good to have. I have to kits i do blood samples with. They are blood sugar and my INR number. Its good to have one in each kit. Thank you for such a great product.


I’m newly diagnosed and this is the type of thing I’m looking for that I didn’t think I’d need. I was always carrying wipes and 2x2 cotton wipes from hospital supply, but I found it wasteful to use one per prick (and it felt odd keeping the same blood stain one to use several times. It would be fine at home, but when out and about, I’d prefer to keep things more sanitary.) The blot is easy to use. It’s more cost effective to use one cotton wipe several times (plus with a way to store it in a more sanitary way!) I love that it is also compact enough to store in my glucometer case

Fantastic Quality!

The Blot is amazing!!! Just got it today. It's built extremely well and so easy to use. I'm very picky when it comes to diabetes supplies, because if I have to live with T1D might as well make it as good as possible! Wish I would have found this sooner!!!!!!

Space saver

A much better alternative to previous, cringe worthy methods of wiping blood off after a BG test. I like that it fits into the case that my meter came with and prevents me from having to carry tons of cotton balls around and then finding a place to throw those cotton balls away. Promotes good habits for my newly diagnosed T1D son who has already picked up on some of my bad habits and now calls me out on them!