A little about me...


 I saw this quote, and it sums up how I approach diabetes as a whole:

"Diabetes is the leading cause of blindness, amputations, kidney disease, blah,   Blah, BLAH! We’ve heard that enough…

The TRUTH: Diabetes is the leading cause of courage, self-awareness, persistence, maturity, discipline, empathy, appreciation, enlightenment, understanding, compassion, bravery, fortitude, substance, personality, daring, grit and guts!"

My Story..
A few years ago I had a life and death situation, not related to having diabetes. That situation caused me to need 7 transfusions, I’m all of 5’2” and 119 pounds. Until then being a T1D was my own private burden. I never really shared that information unless I was in a predicament where I had to. I was diligent in keeping my life as normal looking as possible.. until I almost lost it. I felt deeply that I had to make that terrifying experience mean something and I was not going to stop until something good came out of it.

While in the hospital a doctor asked me to check my sugar level. My face turned red and as I opened my own glucose case, shame and embarrassment literally engulfed me. I had always checked my sugar level in private and would swipe the remaining blood on my finger on the mesh part of the case. A tissue was never near. It looked disgusting, it looked sick, it looked unhealthy…. I don’t identify with any of those things.

So that was my start, a simple to solution to something that plagued me my whole diabetic life, my something good can come out of this and I wondered how many others felt the same way! I started to create the BLOT solution; And one solution turned into two , turned into more. It made me decide, I’M NOT HIDING ANYMORE. All of the things I’ve created are meant to be seen. Held proudly and with serious warrior attitude. We are a group of strong individuals that assess, manipulate, perfect and conquer everyday, 24/7 and I’ve manufactured equipment with the intent focus of making the job easier… we’ve got more important things to get to :)….. LIFE!